Battle Cry of the People!

By: Haley Sellers

Thesis Statement

The Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, and the reformations after Vatican II are all connected by the fact that they all changed the role and conscience of the soldier or fighter.

The Civil War

During the Civil War the life of a soldier changed because white soldiers and black soldiers could fight side by side but they could not eat at the same table. The civil war caused many soldier to be fighting against their brother which split up many families. The first official casualty of the civil war was Nicholas Biddle a 65 year old escaped slave. By October of 1862 about 180,000 African American served in the United States army.

The Civil Rights Movement

The soldiers in the Civil rights movement were very different than what we think of soldiers. Many people used peaceful protest to fight the inequality that was in America at the time. Many people followed Martin Luther King Jr. in his peaceful protest they thought that if the rest of America could see the violence that was going on in the south to keep segregation in America the more people would join them in their fight for equality. Not every one fought about the issue of segregation in America with peaceful protest many people were very violent. Some people were shot and killed for supporting equality. In 1955 Lamar Smith a 63 year old farmer was shot and killed because he urged blacks to vote.
US Civil Rights Movement Benefits From Non-Violent Strategy


The Times They are a Changing Cover of Bob Dylan by BSthapit

The Vatican II

The Vatican II gave us just war. Just war means that some times it is necessary to go to war and kill. Before Christians that were fighting in war thought that it was a sin to kill. Just war says that you should try to spread peace and you should be slow to take to arms.