Hinduism - Diwali

😃 by Brydie Makaya & Dalena 😃

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Diwali is a celebration that Hindus celebrate. It is a festival of lights. People celebrate Diwali because it is triumph of good over evil.The history of Diwali is replated with legends & victory of good.

What people do during Diwali

They make their entrance way very colourful, they light lamps every night during this festival. They clean their house and wear all their new jewellery and clothes, they do a organised display of fireworks and light fire crackers they chose the idea of fire works when they heard of the name Diwali and their thoughts of bright colours in the sky pop into their minds. They play games and bake all sorts of sweets, they care for there siblings and join public space celebration of Diwali.

How people celebrate Diwali in Australia

This is what some people do during Diwali in Australia. People set up firework displays, food stalls with assorted Diwali sweets, dancing, musical performances, stalls offering henna painting, savories and herbs and also some people wear there finest clothes during this celebration. Most women wear jewellery and silk outfits. Some women have Mehendi, which is a Henna decoration.

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*Diwali is a 5 day celebration.

*Diwali is a festival of lights.

*Diwali is celebrated by Hindus

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