Schumacher Shout Outs!

February 5th, 2016

This Week's Shout Outs:

Julie Gosnell-

A shout out for opening your classroom for others in the district to observe. You are doing great things. From Lisa Gray

Lori Stark-

A shout out for co-teaching with Julie and sharing your experience with others in the district. From Lisa Gray

Randy Binkley-

A shout out for getting my Outlook fixed so quickly. I appreciate your quick response. From Lisa Gray

Stephanie Schlemper-

A shout out for staying so consistent with your support of students! From Amy Toebben

Beth Todtfeld-

A shout out for putting in all our SPED info for the CDT! From Amy Toebben


A shout out for supporting students this week emotionally and academically. From Amy Toebben

Lori Stark-

A shout out for supporting so many of our students and with testing. From Amy Toebben

Mike Williams-

Thanks for all of your help this week. From Cynthia White

Laura Pixler-

A shout out for being a positive, encouraging, and supportive teammate. You Rock!

Kelly Henrichs-

A shout out for being an awesome friend and sister! From Dara Taylor

Laurie Walls-

A shout out for checking in with my friend this week.

Amy Toebben-

A shout out for constant support and encouragement! From Stephanie Schlemper

The Cafeteria Ladies-

A shout out for always knowing when I missed breakfast and saving cinnamon toast for me. From Vickie Boggs

Megan Bright-

A shout out for helping set up my computer for my subs. You rock! From Amy Birkland


A shout out for holding down the fort in my absence and for all my last minute emails. From Amy Birkland

Brittany Townsend-

A shout out for being our Data Team guru! Thanks, Terri Harmelink

Lisa Gray-

Thank you so much for sharing your time, expertise, and resources on mindfulness with me! From Loralei Hess

Mendy Wilson-

A shout out for being so nice. I appreciate how friendly you've been to me. You've gone out of your way to get to know me. From Heather Beaty

Ashley Johnson-

A shout out for organizing our lounge shower AND reorganizing and cleaning the lounge. From Kristi Lean

Cynthia White-

A shout out for doing an outstanding job each and everyday working with our special friends. From Laurie Walls

Nancy Testorff-

Thank you for working so hard with my friend.

Molly Pearson-

A shout out for helping me with all the doors! From Kim Eddy

Cynthia White-

A shout out for picking up the slack in Nikki's absence and for enduring and supporting a disrespectful student. From Hattie Cummings

Chris Gabriel and Drew Gossett-

A shout out for updating the marquee! Thank you! From Hattie Cummings