Working as a Pediatrician

By: Brielle Frechin

What would you do each day?

Working as a pediatrician each day you provide medical care for infants, children, teenagers and young adults.

What are the yearly wages?

Working as a pediatrician you earn $181,270 per a year.

What preparations are needed?

Be a pediatrician!

What are the working conditions?

You have to be social, work inside, and work long hours.

What are skills needed for this job?

You have to be very social, able to speak very clear, good at listening, able to write neat, and able to ask questions.

What are classes I can take to help me be a Pediatrician?

Some core classes you could take are English it will help you be able to communicate more clearly. You could also take Biology it will help you learn about the human body. Some electives that could help would be taking foreign languages it will help you communicate to different people. You would also like to take nursing and other medical classes.