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EDUX 9920 / 9921 Course Update

***** Exit Interview Schedule will be sent to you tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Fun ! Fun ! Fun !

**** We are having a VINE contest .... Win an ipad. stay tuned ....

The Forum is OPEN !

The Discussion Forum is NOT mandatory, but it's fun! Have a conversation with colleagues across the United States. Share ideas and documents.

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Next Steps ....

  • Check that your address is correct in your account (see below)
  • Print out a receipt for reimbursement (see below)
  • Continue logging hours working on your summer goals

How To Log Into Your Account for Receipts & Addresses

  • Login to your DominicanCAonline Store account.
  • Click on My Account at the very top.
  • To print receipt - Click on View (the blue box), Print
  • To change your address - Go to View or Change my account information
  • It is VERY important to make sure your address is correct, since this is where your transcript will be mailed!

Adding Additional Credits

  • You have until July 31st to add credits.
  • You will not be able to add any credits after July 31st.
  • The total number of credits must be 2,3,4 or 6.
  • To add more credits, please go to: