Mid west reagon


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Land forms

These are most of the important land forms in the Mid west.In South Dakota there is a famous mouton called Mt. Rushmore it toke over more the 14 years to carve. The Missouri and Mississippi River are in the mid west.


These are the different types of climate in the Mid west. In the Mid west most of it is dry and gets really hot in the summer. When it becomes winter it gets really cold and snowy. There are a lot of tornadoes and rain in the Mid west.


This the food they grow in the Mid west. In the Mid west 3 of the 12 states grow corn. Most of them grow wheat, soybeans and apples in the mid west. There are more like cherry's, peach's,plums and oats.


In the Mid west they mine many minerals. Like copper and lead for trading. They mine iron and made it into steal they also mined limestone, uranium and gold they iron in Minnesota.


These are the jobs in the Mid west. They have master card so people have credit cards. The Mid west also has farms for food. They make cars,paper and furniture.