Newsletter Week 8 Term 4

Lauriston School 7th December 2022

Principal's Message

Yesterday we held a powhiri to welcome our new students, families and staff to Lauriston School for Term 4. Our Year 6 Leaders did the school proud in welcoming our manuhiri-providing a rich history of our place and our people, while also setting an example of success as they role modelled our school whakatauki;

“He maunga; he tangata-every person is a mountain and represents the heights of potential.”

We also planted a new Pou in the ground to celebrate who we are as a school and as a people. This Pou was a special project undertaken by Genevieve Wiggins (Year 6) and her family, Millie (Year 2), Annabel and Craig Wiggins-our Board Chair. A detailed explanation of the Pou is provided below as was acknowledged and spoken to by those who attended the Powhiri.

Whaea Heni Raroa ‘Nan’ and I have given this new Pou the name, “He Pourewa Kaha o Raetihi” which means to stand tall like a mountain, using kupu (words) which promote resilience, a growth mindset and innovative thinking-all attributes that our local curriculum seek to foster in our students, who are set to navigate a rapidly changing future within an increasingly challenging world-we hope successfully and with good heart. It is also a metaphor for each of us as individuals and as a school community-a reminder that we all have a role to contribute to this place in making it what it is, that each of us is unique and special like the Pounamu, a precious gemstone-worth treasuring and nurturing. A point not lost as we again look forward to presenting our Year 6 leavers their own Pounamu-the toki-a metaphor of determination and resilience-at next week’s end of year prize giving ceremony.

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie


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Our Lauriston School Pou and what it's stand means

Kia Ora ma Whanau

We made the bracket that fits the Pou to the bowl so that it will be able to be seen by everyone and so the pounamu can be often polished by the many hands that come through our school gates.

The Pou comes from out of the Rakaia River and Mr B bought it to our school, it is an old post from a place up the river and has washed down to be used again. It is a sign of strength and resilience.

The 4 wires coming out of the ground signify our people coming together from the 4 corners of the earth. They travel up the Pou in a tight spiral at first as a group but then climb up faster as they grow older. The staples are a svmbol of the teacher's hands holding and guiding our path.

The wires come through the bracket which is a circle we can call our Whanau then through the horse shoes into the water that surrounds the pounamu.

The Horse shoes are a sign of luck and also out of respect for the part horses have played in supporting people of this area in farming and growing food.

The pounamu is put in the bowl this way up because it looks like the back of a whale diving into the water always looking underneath the surface to see what is important and true.

The water leaves the bowl as the sun evaporates it this is a metaphor for our students leaving the school and going on their life journeys, wherever the winds blow them. The rain that comes down on the roof of the whare brings back the stories we hear of the success our past students have achieved.

As the water from the roof of the Whare fills the bowl and then over flows it travels back through the shoes and down the Pou to nourish those in the ground still to come to our school. The shoes catch all the good luck and strength this water brings holding it for the next students to experience as they come up the Pou and into the water.

We think this is a true circle of growth and strength that helps our school be the best it can be as the Pou signifies the journey our people take when they come to our school to grow and learn.

Na mihi Katou

Genevieve Wiggins

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Birthday Celebrations

In the last few weeks we have had Ayan Narang turn 6 on 24th November and Oliver Waldron turned 7 on 1st December - we hope you both had fantastic days!

Upcoming Events

  • Leavers Dinner - 8th December
  • Prizegiving - 14th December @ 1pm - pp 15th December
  • Last day of term for students - 16th December

Prize Giving

Our prize giving for 2022 will be held on the deck starting at 1pm on Wednesday 14th December with postponement to be Thursday 15th December.

All families are welcome to attend and may take their children home at the conclusion.

Last day of term for students is Friday 16th December

Start date for 2023 is Tuesday 7th February

Thank You LSS

We would like to say a big thank you to the LSS for the donation of money towards new wet day games for each classroom earlier in the year. They have been a huge hit and make wet day lunches so much more fun!

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Firewise Funday

On Friday we were very fortunate to have the Lauriston Fire Crew lead us through a fun FireWise Day. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play out to have the fun water afternoon but we had a fun morning full of activities. We split into our house group and made our way around 4 activities, 1 talking about tools vs toys, a visit to the station and 2 escape challenges. We also had a visit from a demonstration about kitchen fires. The day ended with our seniors making lunch for the fire brigade and a highlight for many was the firefighters joining in at lunchtime with a game of soccer. We would like to say a massive thank you for the time and effort Marthie Wright put into organising this day and to all of the Fire Crew who gave their time to provide a fun and educational day.
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Library and Reading Books

All library and reading books need to be returned to school by the end of this week please so we can do an end of year stocktake.

For Sale

You may be aware that this year we have had an exciting upgrade to our classroom smart boards. Each classroom now has a Samsung Flip Board which is touch screen and has endless possibilities for learning. Our old ActivPanel’s are outdated for educational purposes and it is now time to rehome these. We are offering these to our school community first, you are welcome to come for a look to see if they would be fit for purpose. They are large screens and would make a great gaming monitor. We have 4 available. The cost of each is $200 with funds going back into the school.

Please let Georgie know if you would like to come for a look or have any questions.

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Pool Keys

Pool keys for the 2022 - 2023 season are now available from the school office. We have had to increase the cost to $100 this year to cover the costs of running and servicing the pool. All key holders will need to sign a "Condition of Use Agreement" when collecting their key.

The lock on the pool gate has been changed so anyone still holding a key from last year will not have access to the pool and needs to return their key to the office and have it replaced with a new one.

Please remember to get your key before the office closes at 12.00 noon on 20th December

Babysitting Available

Hi! My names Rose Fletcher. You may know me as Livi’s older sister.

I am available for babysitting over the holidays, nights and weekends.

Please give me a call or text if I can help you 027 224 5435 or to Karen on 021 883 332

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