Glitz & Glam Girls

2013 July Month In Review

I was so inspired at Hoopla by Danielle Redner's speech about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and her persistence to not give up. She spoke of how she candidly shared her fears and trepidation about the climb with the master guide who would lead her and the team up the mountain. That is when he looked at her and simply said, "Danielle, you climb a big mountain the same way you climb a small one.....One step at a time".

This was a big takeaway that I learned at Hoopla! Success is achieved one step at time. It doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't come easy. You must be persistent and never give up!!

Meet your new Glitz & Glam Team Members!!

Michele Plafchan - Sponsored by Sarah Zengerle
Marcela Hoeven-Samson - Sponsored by Lacey Stevick

Congratulations on your new S&D biz and have fun launching!!

#1 In Team Sales - Ashley Vella $6,187

Top Tips from Ashley

  • I LOVE Dot Dollars! I’ve had great redemption rates both times Stella & Dot has offered this & I attribute this to really focusing on up-selling to get customers to that next level at the trunk show. Then I follow-up with every customer once the redemption period begins, reminding them of what items they mentioned they want to get with their Dot Dollars & letting them know how I can help.
  • Be persistent & never give up! I had my first fall debut trunk show (with a group of women I’ve been wanting to get in for over a year) after Hoopla—(which was amazing) & I was SO ready to get back & share the new line with all the amazing tips that were shared there! Way worth investing in yourself & your biz.
  • Do a group hello (always!) I demonstrate 2-3 of the new versatile pieces/bags/tech wallets (using my hostess as a model- they look way better on, than sitting on a tray).
  • Do not under-estimate the trunk show treasures. They work & help increase the average order! Keep them on a separate tray & have them with you at checkout chat.


1. Ashley Vella - $6187
2. Sarah Zengerle - $5135
3. Lacey Stevick - $3510
4. Kristen Makins - $3263
5. Lauren Grause - $3253
6. Erin Moharita - $3008
7. Darcy Ojeda - $2928
8. Megan Mungovan - $2793
9. Katie Androff - $2638
10. Kelly Petitto - $2589
11. Justine Bitonti $2543
12. Kristie Conklin - $2394
13. Ellen O' Brien - $2393
14. Michelle Balocco - $2079
15. Jennifer Johnson - $2077
16. Ann Offer - $1962
17. Jen Kuhle - $1956
18. Jamie Brandimarte - $1894
19. Lindsey Shore - $1881
20. Allison Stein - $1794

Congratulations To Our New Team Leaders!!

Lacey Stevick Promoted to Senior Stylist!

Lacey is busy mom of three and has been working her S&D business through 2 of those pregnancies. She lives in North Dakota and is rocking her business.

Lauren Grause Promoted to Senior Stylist

Lauren is not only a new superstar stylist, she also holds down a full time career as an attorney in San Francisco!

Congrats to New Lead Stylists!!

Audra Gilman from Beaverton, OR
Monica Paolini from West Bloomfield, MI

Team Qualified Sponsorships

1. Darcy Brown - 2 Qualified Stylists
2. Kristen Makins - 1
3. Lauren Grause - 1
4. Monica Paolini - 1
5. Elizabeth Charboneau - 1

Congratulations to our teams 1st Heart of Leadership Director - Sarah Zengerle

Another BIG takeaway I learned at Hoopla.....

During Director's Day, Jessica spoke about the importance of relationships and friendships. She also stated that 90% of people stay with a company (even if they don't like the company/job/boss/etc.) if they have a best friend they work with. At Stella & Dot, we're lucky and I'm sure all of us can honestly say "we love this company, our job, Jessica, the products, HO, the money, etc.). I agree! All those things are great and I do love working for Stella & Dot, but what I love even more are the relationships and friendships I have made throughout the last 2 1/2 years.

I've never worked from home until I started doing S&D and after 9 years in a corporate office, I quickly realized working from home can be very lonely and isolating. You miss out on the water cooler talk and the companionship of others. The good news doesn't have to be - You don't have to go it alone! Friendships matter in this business just as much as they do in a traditional job, if not MORE!!!

So my bringing home Hoopla lightbulb moment is this.............If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to connect with other stylists in your area! Find a friend! Get out of the box you've put yourself in. Go to your local area meetings to get connected, motivated, inspired. Ask your sponsor to help you find a pacing partner who shares your similar goals, get involved, ask to help out at area meetings. Or, sponsor a friend and do it together! I promise, if you get connected with just one stylist, you'll be less likely to throw in the towel and give up! We are so much stronger together than we are alone.

Stella & Dot = Friendships!!

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