World Wide Tours

"Our customers Gratification is our Satisfaction!"

What is World Wide Tours?!

Worldwide Tours and Travel, located in downtown Port of Spain, offers tour packages to various destinations around the world.This year the agency has organized tours to Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.The cost for First Class is higher than the cost for Economy.

Contact info: Follow us on Twitter @WW Tours , Phone number: #000157372882

With World Wide Tours you can visit these breathtaking places:


The cost of the tours (per person) is as follows: Economy precedes First Class:

Caribbean Tour - $11, 500, $15,260; Asian Tour - $25,000, $30,900; African Tour - $32,900, $37,350; European Tour - $38,000, $42,800.

Last but not least! The Icing on the cake : Discounts!

A discount of 8% of the amount due is given only if the number of persons in group is four or more. An addition discount of 5% is given to all persons who made their booking before May 1st, 2008.