Gun Control

By: Brent LaMontagne


Gun control law policies have been an uprising issue in the nation and we continue to have more and more gun violence due to the loose restriction on fire-arms. The majority of people in the United States who use or buy guns are law-abiding citizens. They buy the weapons for sports and for their own protection. But the wide spread of fire-arms has made it easier for criminals to get their guns. Access to guns must be made more difficult if shooting deaths are to be reduced as a nation. Gun violence will continue to be a problem if gun ownership is not controlled. Government can regulate the sale of fire arms and still not violate the second amendment. Gun control should be more restricted by the government in order to reduce the gun deaths in the nation. Current gun nation gun laws are too relaxed and it is allowing dangerous people to acquire deadly weapons. Also allowing Americans to carry concealed weapons does not help protect them from attackers(“Gun Control Update”).

Body Paragraph

Gun laws are too relaxed and congress has allowed the previous gun laws to expire in date and the threat of gun violence has increased. There has been a national ban on all assault weapons that were automatic to prevent mass shootings. Also there has been a restriction on the amount of ammo in a single ammo clip. The high rate of violent shootings in the United States can be traced to the county’s lack of gun legislature. Most importantly gun control won’t stop mentally ill or disturbed people from accessing these dangerous fire-arms. Fire-arms are the second most leading cause of injury death in the United States. Access to these deadly weapons is reasonable for the deaths of too many Americans.

Giving Concessions and Rebuttal

The right to own a fire-arm is granted by the Constitution, and the government cannot inflict in the rights of American citizens. But the government can regulate the sale of fire arms and not violate the 2nd amendment in the constitution. If more Americans carried more concealed guns the gun violence would increase. Also when you start shooting you could hit innocent people with cross fire. When more people take out their weapons to take down the shooter they wouldn’t know who was the first person who shot a bullet and they could kill another person trying to take down the killer. A gun kept in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in an unintentional shooting, a criminal assault or homicide. These guns are also used by people who suicide. If the governments wants to lower the gun death rates in the United States they will need to start using more advanced gun polices.


If congress passes a more advanced law on gun control it will decrease the amount of mass shootings and gun violence we have in the United States. Americans who carry concealed weapons will cause more gun violence and more deaths and injuries. Government needs to do more thorough checks on the owner of the guns. Current gun policies are too relaxed or not strict. Many gun deaths have occurred after congress let past gun policies expire. Gun control should be stricter to reduce the deaths of American citizens and make the country safer and happier.

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