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February 28, 2019-Digital Learning Day!

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Source: Ed Sheninger

From: Ed Sheninger Blogspot

As a KISD forever learner and P2PInvestor, my current practice through GTT has been to share interesting articles and the latest tech app that might support you as you make your classrooms flexible, engaging environments where gifted and advanced learners thrive. This week, I found this AMAZING nugget of information by Digital Pioneer Ed Sheninger, regarding the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in an ELA classroom! INCREDIBLE!

This quote, including the Stanford research article, really spoke volumes about the use of technology and prompted me to share it on Digital Learning Day:

"Research has shown that educational technology has the most effect on learners when it is part of an interactive experience, uses to explore and create as opposed to drill and kill, and consists of the right blend of teachers and technology."

Ed's blogspot continues with the description of the platform Metaverse for AR. Classrooms utilize AR by using the camera on a mobile device (phone, tablet) and overlaying images/media over the real world.

Sheninger states, "AR might have started out as a novelty but has now become a fantastic way to engage students through authentic learning experiences." Some recommended uses for content include letting students experience characters/imagery that would not otherwise be accessible (historical figures), new places (enhanced field trips), added interactivity to classroom materials, gamified learning, and more immersive opportunities aligned to the curriculum.

Check out Ed's full blogpost here

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We're Globally Gifted Pathway Explorers!

Come and Meet Me at the Expo!

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Watch your Email....A Special Invitation from the College Board!

Great Thinking from the College Board!

Not only will the exam decision making process move permanently from the spring to the fall, but the College Board AP division has completely revised the Course Descriptions and Exam Information. The information is being distributed directly to Advanced Placement teachers! The new Course Description will include incredible resources called Course at a Glance: Unit Guides. Here is some of the latest information:

  • New Course at a Glance Platform on the AP Exam Ordering Platform will contain:

    • Unit Guides to assist AP Teachers throughout the year

      • Unit Guides assist teachers with content and build enduring understanding

      • Unit Guides will assist teachers with a deep understanding of the course

      • Topic Pages: Learning Objectives and the essential knowledge that is required for success in the unit

      • Teachers still design the activities that go with the topic

      • The learning objectives have been embedded with the right level of rigor and will help challenge different levels of learners.

      • Personal Progress Checks-Formative Assessments with reminders for teachers to utilize and assess. The Formative Assessment questions have the right amount of rigor for that time of year in the course

      • A Progress Digital Dashboard highlights progress and areas of focus throughout the year!

Teachers will receive a special invitation to pre-order the Course Description: Unit Guide Binder (at not cost) through an email from the College Board. All Binders will be shipped to the teacher's school June 1, 2019-just in time for revised training at the AP Summer Institute!

All resources will be available to teachers digitally August 1, 2019.

Click the OFFICIAL College Board Presentation on the button below!

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Klein Oak IB World School: 15th Anniversary Celebration!

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By Imee Villarreall

Advanced Academics Program Coordinator

Klein ISD’s International Baccalaureate Program celebrates its 15th Anniversary! Founded in 2004, the program housed at Klein Oak High School has grown and continues to flourish. We’re extremely proud to be one of the very first public school districts in the greater Houston area to offer IB.

The 15th Anniversary celebration took place at Klein Oak’s Library and was attended by students, teachers, administrators, and central office staff. We are thankful for the leadership of Linda Garner who has served as the IB Progam Coordinator all these years.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Click here for more information.

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16 Destination Imagination Teams Move Forward to State!

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by Donna Godkins

Destination Imagination Coordinator

Klein ISD

On February 23, 2019 at Summer Creek High School, Klein ISD showed their INCREDIBLE Destination Imagination spirit as 91 teams from across the district competed in the North Harris County Community Problem Solvers Regional Tournament. The kids were so excited and so proud of their solutions. Lots of smiles from everyone! Thanks to team managers, parents, and administrators for supporting this wonderful program which provides students with experience in creativity and teamwork which are skills that last a lifetime!

We are so proud of the following teams moving forward to the State Competition in Corpus Christi March 23, 2019:

Challenge On Target

Elementary: Kaiser

High School: Klein Oak

Challenge Medical Mystery

Elementary: Benignus

Intermediate: Krimmel

Challenge Game On

Elementary: Hassler

High School: Klein Oak

Challenge Heads Up

Elementary: Theiss; Hassler; Kuehnle

Intermediate: Kleb

High School: Klein High School

Challenge Monster Effects

Elementary: Benignus

Intermediate: Krimmel

Challenge Escape Artist

Elementary: Metzler

Intermediate: Hildebrandt

High School: Klein Cain

Other awards:

Da Vinci Award for a unique approach to solution, risk taking and outstanding creativity was awarded to the teams from Hassler, Kleb and Benignus.

Renaissance Award for outstanding skill in design, engineering, execution or performance was awarded to Leon Rodriguez from Wunderlich and a team from Krimmel Intermediate.

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Opportunity: Your Learners Speak about Their Passion!

Entries Due March 6, 2019

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Team VorTX Participates in SACOT on the Hill!

By Alea Nablan, Student

Chairmans Lead

VorTX 3735

On February 19, a handful of our students traveled to Austin to participate in the SACOT on the Hill event. We were very excited to contribute to this year’s state-wide effort of improving STEM education and have been planning to attend this event for a long time. To prepare, we had our students undergo practice interviews, learned about SACOT’s mission, and even met with one of our representatives, Mrs. Valoree Swanson. We met with staff to discuss how investing in education for science and technology benefits the community. We helped advocate for House Bill 341 which would provide funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in grades 8 through 12. We also discussed the Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment (TIMA) which would help to provide for instructional materials for those classes and training to teachers which would enhance the learning environment for the students.

Thank you SACOT, we took the Hill

To learn more about SACOT, please visit this site: SACOT

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Klein High School Academic Decathlon Moves on to State Competition

By Carrie Raiyawa

Advanced Academic Program Coordinator

On February 8 -9, all five Klein ISD High Schools competed at the Region 6 Academic Decathlon competition. Nineteen schools participated in this competition, and KISD dominated, with all five schools placing in the top 10. Klein Forest placed 10th, Klein Oak 4th, Klein Cain 3rd, Klein Collins 2nd, and Klein High 1st overall. A member of this winning team, Divya Nagarajan, was the top overall individual scorer for the weekend. Klein High will be headed to compete at the State Competition in San Antonio on March 8 - 9. Coaches of this team are Cheryl Freeman, Kelsey White, and Deborah Strube. Team members include: Spencer Bishop, Ethan Donckels, Mace Wages, Hunter Hermantin, Josh Smith, Francis King, Divya Nagarajan, Madison Freeman, and Esther Marin. Good luck to the coaches and the team as they represent KISD in San Antonio!

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Klein ISD College Readiness Pathways: AVID and Path


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Sic' EM Mustangs: Legacy: Mustangs do Graduate as Bears!

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