Investigating Clothes

Week 2

Dear Parents,

Last week, we created lists of the children’s ideas and questions about clothes. This week we worked on investigations to expand their ideas, find answers to questions, and learning important skills and concepts connected to the features of clothes. We discussed different sizes in clothing, shapes that we see in clothes, and buttons and counting. We had the opportunity to wash clothes together and see how this is done.

At home you can examine fabrics together, and discuss how clothes are made. Look at labels and find out where the clothes were made. Look at pictures from the past and note how the clothing differs from clothing today. Next week we will continue our exploration of clothing investigating how we take care of our clothes.

All the best,

Ms. Lea, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Karina

Is it S, M, or L?


Water, soup and a load of fun!!!

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We learned that before washing clothes we need to CATEGORIZE them. One way to do it is by colors, people also like to separate items by fabric types. Mrs. Ceruti shared with us how she washes at home with a washing machine. She told us that she likes to separate jeans or any item that have a zipper because sometimes these break other fabrics.

Thank you so much "Ignacio's mom" for helping us in this amazing outdoor play.

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Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday Pre-k 4.3 uses a moment of their day to go around and say what they are thankful for. Being thankful means to be happy for having something or someone you really care for, and you want to say thank you to learn to appreciate and value what you have.

Mrs. Lea
I am thankful for having a new nephew

Camila My dad and my mom

Paulo Family

Carlotta Del cielo

Mrs. Karina and Mrs. Nicole For being healthy

Hannali Cuando papa trae los jugetes de Venezuela

Sofia De mi mama

George Pumpkins I'm gonna paint in Halloween

Tomas Go home, vamos a juegar en el parque

Lara Por mi mama

Tania Navidad y Ms. Lea

Matias My mom because she's coming the last day

Ignacio De mi mama

Isabel Ms. Lea

Mrs. Sharon's class

As part of our clothes unit the children read the fun book called, "Smelly Socks", by Robert Munsch. They then washed some baby socks!

Take a look

Decorate at Home

Share some quality time with your child as you decorate the recyclable bag we will use to save and send our projects. Find a FUN way for them to write their names on it (and for us to differentiate the bags) :D

Please bring the bag back by Tuesday.

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Their Favorite Song

Llama Llama Time to Share, Anna Dewdney - 9780670012336
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Parent Teacher conferences are next week on Wednesday October 14th and Thursday October 15th. Please sign up through the Doodle link that has been sent to you via email. Soon, I will be sending an evaluation of each child for you to prepare for the meeting.

Yearbook pictures for PK 4.3 will be taken on Monday October 26th. Please send your child to school wearing the PE uniform.

Fanlyc run is from next Saturday the 17th at 8:00 am to Sunday the 18th at 8:00 am, where? Amador Causeway.


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Fanlyc Run at Causeway

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