The 2011 Tohoku Japanese Tsunami

By Jose Martinez Soriano


The Earthquake had a magnitude of 9.0 making almost 230,000 loose there home Another tsunami hit japan in 2004 with a magnitude of 9.1 killing almost 230,000 people

Intresting Facts

  • Around 16,000 people were conformed dead and 2,500 are still reported missing
  • The reason the tsunami happened because two of the earth tectonic plates colided which first caused the earthquake
  • 230,000 people lost there home due to the earthquake
  • A pacific plate slid westward near the epicenter by 79 feet
  • The tsunami was 5 foot high(1.5)m high
  • Japan suffered a level 7 nuclear meltdown

Reasons why cause

Two of the earths tectonic plates collided

Other Earthquakes That Hit Japan

The 2004 Banda Aceh killing 230,000 people with a magnitude of 9.1

The Sendai Earthquake in 869


  • The Buildings that were destroyed released thousands of chemicals in the ozone layer
  • Around 160,000 people did not have electricity after the damage
  • 170,000 people had no running water after the tsunami/earthquake