December Newsletter

From the classroom of Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Gunnell

What We've Been Up To

We've made it to December in record time! We only have two weeks before Winter Break.

Here's a brief review of what we've been doing and a sneak peek at what we're looking forward to.

Math: We've been learning how to write write equivalent ratios, converting a ratio into a percent, comparing two quantities that have different units of measure, and comparing two quantities by dividing. We will be using ratios to convert from one unit of length, weight, and capacity to another. We'll also be learning strategies to solve real world problems involving distance, rate, and time. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Language Arts: The stories that we're reading this month focuses on what it takes to accomplish a goal. We'll read stories that make us think about the advantages of working together to solve problems, challenges that transform people, and how one person can affect the opinions of others.

Social Studies: This month we're working on country reports. Our class has researched a country and wrote about it. Over the next two weeks, they'll be creating a PowerPoint Presentation on their country and present it to the class. We'll be filling out a "Passport" style book of all the countries that are presented to us.

Important Information

  • If you want to sign up for the Remind Text, but haven't done it yet, simply text "@pgs6t" to 81010.
  • Information about our next 2nd grade Buddy activity will be coming home on Monday.