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Deep Meaning Paper

Baseball fills me, it is like the air that fills a balloon and that balloon is me. It helps when I am feeling down or when I am feeling lonely. It is like a good friend whenever i need him. It is like the toys i play on a rainy day. Baseball fills me with happiness even if I am not doing my best, but if I just try harder maybe the clouds will clear. Baseball is the hat I put on when I want to hide from something. It is my life, and if I didnt have it, life may as well stop existing. Baseball fills me with excitement and happiness every time I catch a ball or get a double. On both sides of the field, even if I have to bat last or play outfield every game. Because as long as I try my best I will always win no matter the score. Sometimes i miss a ball or strike out, but I just think to myself Ill get it next time, because if I get another chance Ill try harder next time. Every time I walk a kid, I think Ill get the next one. Because no matter what i do, Baseball will never let me down. Its like the kid who stands up to a bully for you. Because it doesnt miss the ball or strike me out, but it will be the teammate who tells you to get em next time.

All About Alex

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My Date of Birth

Tuesday, July 31st 2001 at 2:30pm

1000 Medical Center Boulevard

Lawrenceville, GA

I was born on July 31st, 2001 in Lawrenceville, GA

My Personality Traits

I am a blue-green, here are some of my traits. l am idealistic, a communicator, mentally strong, confident, inventive, and I enjoy my own company. I am a last born, and here are some traits about me. I am a little manipulative, outgoing, attention-seeker, and a little small bit self-centered.