Event Contingency Plan

Failure of public address sound systems

  • Have a back up sound system
  • Include people with skills to fix such equipment in event management team
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Failure of VIP's to arrive on time

  • Make plans and instruct staff to continue the event program rather than delay it
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Inclement weather

  • In the event of a sudden downpour ensure there is adequate shelter for all otherwise people will start going home and won't come back even if the skies clear
  • Make plans to relocate activities to sheltered areas or to alter the event program to salvage the day if possible
  • Have contingency insurance for your event if there is much at stake financially

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Event staff who go missing
  • Have a person designated in the event management team as a "Troubleshooter" whose job is to continually move about the venue looking for such problems.
Breakages and other losses

  • Keep spares and back-up systems
  • Roster on a "troubleshooter" who detect these problems as early as possible
  • Roster on other surplus staff whose job it is to contact supplies, run out to stores and/or move about the venue to find items
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Injuries and accidents

  • Organize first aid and/or other qualified medical personnel to be in attendance throughout the event
  • Roster on more staff than the minimum required so that if one person requires treatment it will not impact on the running of the event
  • Ensure driveways and entrances are not blocked to emergency personnel
  • Train all event staff what to do in an emergency and when unexpected events occur

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