School Is In!!!

April 2019

From the Principal's Desk

You are in the final stretch of your freshman year! You have completed your 1st STAAR exam in English. However, you are not finished yet! In just a few weeks, you will be completing your STAAR Algebra and Biology exams. Your teachers are working hard to get you prepared to be successful. Take advantage of all the tutorial opportunities in the afternoons, as well as Saturdays. The time you invest now will be worth the gains.

April is also the season of new growth and opportunities. Trees and flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. We are tempted to explore and experiment. I encourage you to be strong in your beliefs and stay true to your values. Have personal integrity; do what is right when no one is looking. Integrity is something you must develop through constant self-reflection. Ask yourself: “Is this choice right? Would I be embarrassed if my parents found out? Does this choice have a possible negative outcome?”. You are blooming into young adults, and you are now accountable for your actions. I believe in you and know that you will do what is right; even if I don't see you!

Activities For the Month

Thur. Apr. 4 Varsity Tennis Tourney @ George Ranch 4pm

Thur. Apr. 4 JV Track Meet @ Crump 3:30pm

Fri. Apr. 5 Progress Report Grades due

Fri. Apr. 5 Senior Class All Star Basketball Game, NGym 4-7pm

Fri. Apr. 5 Special Olympics Banquet, SCafe 5pm

Fri. Apr. 5 9th/JV Tennis Tourney, Aleif Complex 8am

Fri. Apr. 5 Softball vs. Pearland 5, 6:30pm

Fri. Apr. 5 Varsity Track Meet @ Pearland

Fri. Apr. 5 Soph/JV Baseball @ Hastings 4, 6:30pm

Fri. Apr. 5 Varsity Baseball vs. Hastings 7pm

Fri. Apr. 5 AJB Spring Show @ Kerr HS 7pm

Sat. Apr. 6 Softball Tournament @ Cy-Fair HS

Sat. Apr. 6 Super Saturday Tutorials 8am-11am

Our fearless leader turns 26 again!!!

Our Voice!!! Katina speaks out about the "Art Club"

We get to experience new things and our art skills develop the more time we’re here. We always get to do new and great projects. For example, at this moment, we’re working on making sculptures with paper mache. Tomorrow we are going on a great field trip to see how professional artists work and live. One of the artists we are going to see makes huge sculptures the same way we are making ours.”

ENGC Super Saturday


STAAR Testing is April 9-10.