Discover Your Way to Success-Part 2

Chapter 10-Part 2

Implement a Plan--To Learn More

Test the validity of the assumptions by...

simple, cheap, quick ways before you implement the BL model

Tests simply validate or invalidate the most important assumptions first.

(See pg. 274 Fig. 10.2 Prioritizing Assumptions and Risks)

Good idea to look at research by checking with other schools or making a prototype.

Ex: Pilot a program in summer school.

(See pg. 275 Exhibit 10.2 Test Creatively)

Create Checkpoints before Lauch

SEt specific dates to test several assumptions so the team can come together to evalutate what has been learned.

Before 1st checkpoint-Research other BL Models

Before 2nd checkpoint-Analyze software and materials

Include working prototypes or pilots of BL Model

Launch the model

Continue establishing checkpoints for continuous improvement to see what the team has learned and make adjustments

Checkpoints are opportunities to decide to more forward.


Making too many changes too fast risks confusing and undermining the trust of students, parents, and teachers.

Execute tests before whole plan is implemented to avoid expense and failure.

Should we go forward, change, or shelve the plan?

If assumptions are true, keep moving.

If assumptions are wrong (probably) you have few options.


Assumption-unrealistic? Then shelve it before more time and money has been invested.

Fast failure is a success

Celebrate each time a decision is made

The plan is a success even if what emerges is different from the original conceived.