Beowulf- Part 1

By: Landry Jorski

Nikki Jorski- My mom

About my mom-

My mom is not only a hard worker, but a caregiver and best friend to both me and my sister. My mom worked very had to get to where she is today, from studying marketing and graduating from Oklahoma State University, and being the nation sales director at Modern Message.

Why I look up to my mom-

I look up to my mom because her success in life was not handed to her, she worked to get to where she is now. My mom has been through many ups and downs but she has never let that effect how she has treated me, she never gives up, and sets goals for herself that are hard to accomplish, yet finds away to accomplish them anyway.

Why I always go to my mom for advise-

When I am faced with a problem in life I always go to my mom. My mom will not only give me very good advice on any situation, but she will give me advice that benefits me and not herself. My mom always knows what to tell me to make me feel better about a situation. My moms advise will lead me into a good direction, and advises me to do things that I will not later regret. No matter what I do or what kind of trouble I am in my mom will always be there for me, like I would be there for her.