Rick Yancey

By Hunter Miller


  • Rick has written 15 books total, one of them is "The 5th Wave".
  • His first book was made in 2001.
  • He started out writing for the theater.
  • Rick got into writing when someone had told him that one of his screenplays could be a book.
  • He went to law School for a year before he dropped out.

"The 5th Wave"

Do you like sci-fie books? If you do then "The 5th Wave" is the perfect book for you. In this book aliens have come to earth and released destruction. After that they then come down and have the ability to take human hosts. Cassie's brother gets taken by "the others" as they call them. Will Cassie be able to find her brother? Find out in the book, "The 5th Wave".

The Infinite Sea

"The Infinite Sea" is the second book in the three book series of "The 5th Wave". Cassie has found her little brother and is now traveling with a group people. The only problem id that the others are now sending out traps in the form of children to take out the remaining humans, and now Cassie is trying to fight against the others along with her friends.

Other Books by Rick Yancy

  • The Monstrumologist
  • A Burning in Homeland
  • Rags and Bones
  • The Last Star
  • Alfred Cropp