Journal Entry

Language Arts RAFT Assignment

Sunday, 12 8:07

Today Phoebe found another letter on her doorstep after she got really embarrased after Mr.Birkway read out all the journals including hers. I also found out that the lunatic's name was Mike, But I'm not sure if it was a good idea to lie about my identity to a seargent. You've always got to make tough choices, like my mom when she left me and dad and ran off too Idaho. Deep down, I'm still hoping for her to come back to us, but I don't think it's going to happen. Phoebe's mom also left her kids and Mr.Winterbottom. It was sad and not very surprising since nobody appriciated or payed attention to Mrs.Winterbottom. Phoebe was worriying about her mom but Prudence did not care except for her cheer-leeding part. Most surprising of all was that stiff Mr.Winterbottom cried for Mrs.Winterbottom in front of us without caring that if it would be embarrasing for him. Jeez, I did not think such things would happen in this little time!