The Scientific Revolution -

Lauren Long 1st period

What was the change?

First off, what is the Scientific Revolution? The Scientific Revolution was a great Change in Europe between 1300 to 1600 based on the scientific method. There were many changes that were occurring during this time. One of the largest changes was a new way of thinking about the natural world based on careful observations and wilderness to question beliefs. There were many changes in scientific beliefs and theories. For example the revision of how our universe rotates and the layout of our planetary system. Elements of social and institutional organization also changed and began to be viewed differently. There were many changes throughout this period that slowly brought us to where were are now and created the technology in our modern world used today.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

The Scientific Revolution constructed many positive changes in the society, but also created some turmoil between people. This event greatly impacted the society and the different views they believed in. There were many positive changes and discoveries that without the Scientific Revolution, we would have never known about. During this time, they discovered more about the world around them, European intellectuals were able to unlock the secrets of nature and the universe, and led to many new technologies. Without the Scientific Revolution, we would not have the observations nor the proof about our universe and how our planetary system works. This was a huge impact on society, not only because new technology was created and could be used for other experimentations, but also gave the people the right to question or observe different opinions, actions, and beliefs. This can be used as a very substantial method to form experiments on, but questioning can also lead to skeptical society causing turmoil. An example of this would be the conflict that uprose between Galileo and the Roman Catholic Church. Galileo's laws of motion supported Copernicus's theories, but was against the Church teachings. This created the debate between what God says and what science shows. As, you can the society was heavily impacted by this event.

How is it that change evidence in today's modern society?

There are many apparent changes from this event that we benefit from in today's modern society. The Scientific Revolution impacted the intellectual changes to modern thoughts on the scientific approach. This event is what led to many inventions, including one of the most impactful ones, industrialization. Industrialization has led us to most everything modern today. This includes the inventions such as cars, computers, phones, and the technology we calm we "cannot" live without. Industrialization has furthermore led us to and is the cause of global warming today. Another change is that we would not have medicine today without the previous studies and researches of scientists/ doctors before us. One of the prime changes that is so distinctly evident in todays modern society is the change in skepticism and the way people question/view religion and Churches. Some believe science is the only way to prove things and don't necessarily believe in a god (atheism), while others believe in God or a god of some type. This can be looked at through both a negative standpoint, through doubt but also a positive standpoint, leading us to suspicion and experimentation, which later leads us to answers.