Technology Newsletter

Back to School 2014-2015

Welcome Back

As we are getting settled in, I thought I would share some information with you.

Wednesday, August 27th, I am meeting with new teachers at CMS. We will be working on School Center in Mrs. Creed's room after school. If you would like a refresher course, everyone is welcome.

Friday, August 29th, I am meeting with the new teachers at DIS. We are meeting in the library offices during conference times. We are working on School Center, and again everyone is welcome.

Aurasma: How to teach using Aurasma (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

Teaching with Aurasma

PLC times

I would love to attend more PLC meetings this year. I do not need to present every time, but I love to hear what you have going on and help get ideas out there and problem solve ways to incorporate technology. I am here to help! Please let me know the best time for your department and I will be there.

There are lots of new things going on with Macs, iPads, Google and much more, working together will be beneficial.