Movie Rental Plans from Netflix

Plans starting from just $8.00!

Movie Rental Plans

Netflix offers unlimited DVD rentals for a standard fee per month. For renting additional HD movies a standard rate can be added to your monthly bill or you can subscribe to our premium plan for unlimited viewing content.

The y-intercepts for each line are the standard fee per month.

The number of HD movies rented is the x variable.

The bill after one month is the y variable.

Standard Plan

$8.00/month for unlimited DVD rentals + $1.00/HD DVD rented

Let y represent the Monthly Bill

Let x represent the Number of HD Movies Rented

Equation of the Line: y = x + 8

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Premium Plan

$16.00/month for unlimited DVD and HD rentals

Let y represent the Monthly Bill

Equation of the Line: y = 16

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Premium Plan vs. Standard Plan

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Point of Intersection of the Lines y = x + 8 and y = 16 is (8,16)

Does it Satisfy Both Equations?

y = x + 8

16 = 8 + 8

16 = 16

y = 16

16 = 16


Why is it important?

At this point it does not matter which plan saves you more money, the cost of each plan is the same when you rent 8 HD Movies from each plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which rental plan should I get?

A: If you plan on renting more than 8 HD movies over the course of a month then the Premium Plan is right for you. If you are going to rent less than 8 HD movies then go for the Standard Plan. If you know you are renting 8 HD movies then it doesn't matter which plan you get as they both cost $16.00 when 8 HD movies are rented.