Gold Has Been Struck!

By: Bryson Stevens and Ty Cunningham

Reasons To Go

  1. One of the reasons why you should go to California is for the gold and silver strikes.
  2. Also, California has productive farm land.
  3. You should also go on the trail for lumber.
  4. Finally, California had a healthier climate.
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Sights Along the Way

  1. You can see a lot of animals on this trail.
  2. Also, you can see the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Things you can also see is the City of Rocks.
  4. Finally, you could see Devil's Gate.

Be Sure

  1. Be sure you keep your weapons safe so they don't accidentally fire when they are bouncing around in the wagon.
  2. Make sure you keep your gunpowder barrel safe so it doesn't accidentally blow up.
  3. Make sure to bring extra shoes so you have extra shoes when the other ones are worn out.
  4. Make sure to brink 25 pounds of soap so you can keep you and your family safe.


  1. 5% of pioneers die on the California Trail.
  2. Be ready to cross big rivers
  3. There is diseases that kill 3% of individuals.
  4. Causes of death are freezing, scurvy, being run over, and accidental shootings.
Be sure you keep yourself safe and be ready for what ever happens.