Come to Argentina

by: Coby Robinson

Background/history information

Argentina is located southeast part of South America. The capital of Argentina is buenos Aires. Argentina aslo has many major city including Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, and jucuma. Argentina was never controlled by another country and is still not today, also Argentina gained independence on July 9, 1816, and the official language is Spanish


Argentina's flag is a light blue and white tribune with a yellow "Sun of May" in the center. The flag is twice as wide as it is tall. This flag was adopted on February 12, 1812

Political/ economic information

Argentina had a democratic Reoublic, and the leader was Mauricio macri. Argentina's currency was argentine peso and capitalism was the economic system.
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Why people should, visit and what should they see and do

People should visit to see the beautiful beaches. Tourist should all go see the mar del plat to go fishing, surfing, theater, beach, or contemporary art
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