Jimmy Carter

Satvik Vasireddy

Election of 1976

  • Carter was a Democrat

  • He was up against the Republican Gerald Ford, who was running for reelection

  • Ford didn’t get his Republican nomination until the Republican Party convention, showing the close affair of the race

  • Election was extremely close, Carter wins 297 to 240 in the electoral vote

  • Watergate break-in was used to knockout Ford in the campaigns

  • Gas prices were issues as well

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Carter persuaded Sadat and Begin to sign an agreement in 1978 at Camp David Accords

  • He does this to create peace in Middle East

  • Carter and his UN ambassador promised to help out Rhodesians and South Africans in regards to human rights

  • Promised to give back Panama Canal to Panama by 2000

  • Increased diplomatic relations with China

Energy Crisis

  • “oil shocks” in energy crisis

  • OPEC skyrocketed oil prices

  • Carter would blame economic woes to oil dependence on Middle East

  • When the Shah is overthrown, Iran’s oil economy is affected

  • Many oil pumps close

  • Prices rose in the economy overall

  • Federal budget deficits

  • Carter addresses nation about problem in July 1979

Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • Anti-American Muslim militants keep Americans hostage in embassy in Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • Militants demanded the Shah back (he was on a US visit for medical purposes)

  • Soviets make way to Afghanistan

  • Carter attempts to create economic sanctions to help problem

  • He also sends a rescue mission

  • The mission fails

  • Carter ends up boycotting the 1980 Olympics

  • He leaves office unpopular due to the crisis, hurts his reelection bid