Riot in Austin

The Archives War

In March 1842, a Mexican army stormed into the town of Austin, demanding that they would surrender, into which the Texans responded negatively because they were not prepared. Sam Houston feared that the Mexicans would come back to Austin and he officially announced Houston as the meeting place for now on, but the Texans wanted Houston to be the capital for their safety.
Later on at the end of December 1842, President Houston called the Seventh Congress at Washington-on-the-Brazos and sent an abundance of rangers to Austin ti remove the archives but not restore the bloodshed. The citizens of Austin were stunned and unprepared by the impact; The rangers got a grasp on the archives, put in in their wagon and attempted to drive away. When they were trying to drive away, Angelina Eberly- a heroic figure of the Texas Independence- fired a cannon at the runaway rangers. At January 1, 1843 the Austin citizens seized a cannon from the arsenal and took upon the wagon at Kennedy's For on Brushy Creek. While doing that, only a couple shots were fired before the rangers gave up to avoid the bloodshed. It was soon over, the archives were returned to Austin and remained there untouched then Austin was soon announced the capital in 1844.