Hunger in Africa

What can we do about it?

Background Information

Did you know that 239 million people are starving in Africa? And that is has grown 2 million since then?

Most kids are born under weight because their mothers are under weight when they give birth to their child.

The kids that are under weight and don't get food are more likely to get sick easier and have more of a young dealth rate.

This is a map of Africa and the different parts of Africa that are suffering. Most parts of Africa are suffering in the 5th region of hunger.

What Can we do to Help?

There are many simple things that you can do to help kids in Africa not be starving. There are many programs that give money every month to kids in Africa. Some programs let you "adopt" a child for a year and support them and send them packages. All around the world there are kids that need your help.

Evengelical Lutheran Church of America

This is a great program that let's you send things to families in Africa every month. The nice thing about this program is that there are no limits or maximums you need to follow for how much you can give.

Some examples are...

  • Chicks, these are only $10. They are used for selling for money and also for eggs
  • Pigs, these are only $30. They can be used for selling for money and also food if they butcher the pig.
  • Goats, these are $50. They can be used for skin and that can be sold for money, also they can be used for fertilization for fields and healthy milk
  • A water well, this is the most expensive thing to buy there, it is $2,500. This is a huge thing for families in Africa because it would give them safe drinking water.

Extra Information

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