Samuel Gridley Howe

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Samuel's backround

Samuel Gridley Howe was born in 1801 and lived till 1876. He was born on Pearl street in Boston, Massachusetts. Sam went to Harvard University, Boston Latin School, Brown University,Harvard Medical School, He was a Physician and a Abolitionist.

Motivations to become a reformer

Thomas wanted to help blind people and make their lives better. There was a blind asylum in Boston that was really bad and he wanted to improve it and make it a better place for blind people. Samuel didn't like the fact that nobody cared about blind people and just threw them in these asylums and locked them up in chains. He was also against slavery.

What he did to help

Howe went to blind schools in Europe to observe them and get ideas about opening his own blind school back in America. Howe began receiving a few blind children at his father’s house in Pleasant Street. He gradually developed a blind school known as the Perkins Institution. He also opened a printing office for printing for blind people. Howe also Campaigned to end slavery.

What he is remembered for today

Samuel Gridley Howe lived to be 75 years old and died of natural causes. He is remembered today for starting the first blind school in Massachusetts. He helped lots of blind people and slaves and made their lifes better.