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Weekly Blog April 13th-17th, 2015

A look into Learning Labs

Georgia O'Keeffe continues to bring inspiration to the learning labs as students continue to create interesting masterpieces. We will continue next week to complete the project. Take a stroll through the story studio to see the finished masterpieces.

Students were inspired to create in outdoor learning labs. With paint, watercolors, recycled markers, bingo dobbers and collage pieces students created mixed media art pieces. It is safe to say no two pieces looked the same! A true testament to what art should be. Some pieces are on display in the rock room. Stop and take a peak!

Jazz could be heard throughout learning labs this week as we listened to and sketched the instruments we heard and how the music made us feel!

We are excited to begin Earth Day projects next week!

Important!!! Important!!! Important!!!

TerraNichol Academy School Calendar

22nd Earth Day Bash at TerraNichol Academy. Parents are invited to participate in the Earth Day Parade led by Miss Barbara from 8:30-9:00. Regular Daily Rhythm for students will follow. Come join the music to celebrate our beautiful earth!!!


1st Teacher Professional Day-School Closed

4th-8th Teacher Appreciation Week

8th Tea Party for Mommy during drop off 8:15-9:00am

21st Dismissal for all students at 12:00-No lunch. Dress Rehearsal for Pre-K students from 3pm-6pm at LemonBay Playhouse

22nd School Closed in preparation of A Night At the Art Museum 6pm LemonBay Playhouse

25th School Closed Memorial Day

29th Last Day of school for VPK only students


26th Last Day of school for all Full Year Students

Zumba Zumba

Friday is always Zumba Dance Party Days at TerraNichol Academy! We use Zumba to get our hearts pumping, our bodies moving, and our energy flowing! While participating in a fun and invigorating exercise experience students are also learning Zumba dance moves and rhythm. This week we practiced the Puppet Dance, and brought out our Ribbons and made them dance too! Enjoy the photos of our Dance Party!!!
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A Night At the Art Museum

Don't forget to purchase your tickets for A Night At the Art Museum before they are sold out!!! LemonBay Theater is a 92 seat theater and its always a packed house! See you at the show!!! All families of TerraNichol Academy are welcome to come to the show.

Costume forms are due for all cast members. If you haven't turned your costume form in please do so by Monday April 20th.

World Music with Miss Barbara

With an abundance of drums and musical instruments from around the world Miss Barbara's World Music Workshops are always an exciting time for students. Students are always eager to play the drums, ukulele, and listen for the magic singing bowl at the end of the workshop. We are excited for our Earth Day Parade on April 22nd from 8:30-9:00. See the calendar above for more details. Thank you to Marie Vogt for offering to donate two ukuleles for our music appreciation program.

The Hammocks are here!

The student's are so excited to get the new hammocks up on the playscape area.

Thank you to Marie Vogt (Isabelle's grandma) for donating eight hammocks for our quiet peaceful rest time. We will be exploring a way to design an area out on the playscape with shade. Thank you to Pat Miner (Moizelle's grandma) for donating funds for the installation of the project.

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Earth Day Parade

Come join us on Earth Day April 22nd for our Earth Day Parade lead by Miss Barbara! Parents are invited to join the parade from 8:30-9:00. If you would like to participate you must arrive at 8:30. Miss Barbara will leave promptly by 9:00 and students will move forward with their typical daily rhythm. Remember Every Day is Earth Day!!!! Raise the Earth. Up-cycle, Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse!!!!

Buchans Park-Earth Day Festival

Come join TerraNichol Academy of The Arts for the annual community Earth Day Festival 2015. This Sunday April 26th from 11am-4pm. FREE

Kids can learn how to adopt Earth Friendly habits through hands on activities and participate in a free raffle to win new bicycles.

TerraNichol Teaching Team will be educating the public on making Eco Friendly products, waste free lunch program and Eco friendly non-toxic art materials. Plus we will have new Better Life samples with recipes to help launch our new Eco Friendly school store coming in August of 2015.

For more information: www.planetenglewood.com

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