Even the smallest things are important!

What does it do?

Iron as a micro-nutrient can be found in a protein that needs iron. This protein, is called hemoglobin and it is the cause of blood color. It helps the blood cell carry gasses and vital nutrients to cells around the body. They also build enzymes and transfer electrons. Many enzymes that are important to life have iron in them.

Iron Deficiency?

Lack of iron in the body is the most common nutrient deficiency and is the main reason for anemia. It could be because of the body needing more iron, the body not absorbing enough, or how much iron we take in.

Symptoms include: fatigue, decreased work and school performance, slow cognitive and social development during childhood, difficulty of maintaining a stable body temperature, and decreased immune function

When our bodies don't have enough iron, many body parts are affected.

Foods with Iron