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Week of October 19-23

Review the Habits of Mind

Blanton's Focus Corner

Principal's Corner

Thank you for working so hard today during our PD. Our hope is that by focusing in on the end in mind you will create effective DOLs that will guide your instruction. As we continue to accelerate instruction, I want you to be reflecctive and flexible to the idea of doing things differently. You will continue to hear us mention that "CHANGE" is why we are here! More importantly we must do things that are going to "CHANGE" the history of a community of children that have for so long been unsuccessful. Our students must be taught to do things differently, to think differently. You may want to consider talking to students about change and how change is difficult for people because it requires us to do something in a way that is out of the ordinary. As you review the Habits of Mind this week start conversations with students that allow them to reflect on the value of "CHANGE".

Have a great week of teaching and learning and remember that you choosing to be at BLANTON was the first step to CHANGE the future of all of our SCHOLARS, and for that I am truly grateful!!!!

Message from School Leadership

A couple of EDs have asked about PD Days vs Teacher Work days since the calendar is not extremely clear. I followed up with Sherry West Christian and she informed me that PD Days and Teacher Work days are scheduled as follows:

PD Days:

October 19, 2015

November 9, 2015

January 4, 2015

Teacher Work Days:

January 5, 2016

June 3, 2016

Crystal Rentz

Director, Office of the Chief of School Leadership

Dallas Independent School District, School Leadership

Focus of the WEEK

  • Curriculum Alignment: Beginning with the end in Mind
  • DOLs: Plan on sharing your DOL with Administrators and Coaches)

Week at a Glance

Tuesday, October 20th

· Tutoring

Wednesday, October 21st

· Tutoring

Thursday, October 22nd

· Tutoring

Friday, October 23rd

· Quick Check or 3rd 6 weeks assessment

· Tutoring

Monday's Grade Level Meeting

Meeting Location: Bruins Cave

Data Digs: Quick Check Data

Small Groups: Discuss student tiers

Review of Action Steps: First SIx Weeks Common Assessments

Parent Conferences: Expectations

Look what we saw this week!!!


Reading/Writing Corner

Guidelines for Word Walls (High-Frequency Words)

  • Write words in large print and include a picture (black letters on a light background)
  • Introduce 5-8 words each week (dependent upon grade level)
  • Include high-frequency words that reflect student writing
  • Include words encountered during read alouds

Guidelines for Academic Word Walls:

  • Include content-area words
  • Use words taught in themes or units

  • Word Walls should be interactive! Use chants and games to actively engage students and reinforce their word knowledge.

Word Walls can also be portable

  • File folders, wire hangers with butcher paper

Math Corner

2-5 Math Teachers,

For the last 3 weeks we have focused on the development on the Process Standards through the Quality Work Criteria. This tool allows students to see five different ways on how they can show their work, developing critical thinking through justifying their processes in different ways.

This following week, and for the remainder of the 6 weeks period, we will analyze the Tasks we give our students using the Task Analysis Guide below.

On our PD day on Monday, we will learn how to analyze tasks and put it in practice for the ones you have planned to implement next week.

Remember that it is a on-going process, and we are learning how to close the gap from Lower-Level Demands to Higher-Level Demands in our instructional practice.

Below you will see the Task Analysis Guide, feel free to be proactive and start categorizing the activities you have planned for next week. You will be able to download it by clicking on the title.

Have a great weekend!


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