Social Media Blunders/Consequences

What Goes Online, STAYS Online

Colleges Look at Your Social Media

Colleges all around the country look at applicant's social media profiles in order to see if they are right for their institution. 1) They can see whatever parties you go to on nights out

2) They can see whether you care or not about your career and future.

3)They can learn a lot more about you than what they knew from your grades

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How To Protect Your Social/Personal "Brand"

1) Never post rude things about your job, it can get you fired
2) Don't post about that party you got drunk at last night. It could be the decision of going to college or not

3) Don't post anything embarrassing that could be used against you

4) Always be careful! You never know who's online

What You Post Can Cost Your Job

Your employers even look at your social media. Rude posts about your job could get you fired the day after or even the day you post it. Don't let one bad post get you fired!

Sexting and Consequences

Sexting is a criminal offense. Sexting under your state's age of consent is illegal!