Coker Coach Notes

January 11, 2016


Window for Coker: January 14 - 22nd.

The benchmark testing schedule from the ESS department has been emailed to all. Please remember that during the testing window our ESS dept will be providing testing accommodations to all grade levels and may miss some regularly scheduled classes.

Math Facts Assessments

Please remember to use the new assessment probes and guidelines. These were emailed out this morning. Remember when scoring that 18 is the goal number for all grades/probes. 18 correct is mastery/proficiency. :-)

Noticed Board!

Thursday 1/14/16

We will have our collaborative meetings together again this Thursday. Please bring your class iPad with you as we will be conducting peer observations electronically again this week. Also, please bring your DIBELS reports from BOY and MOY. I will have coffee maker ready for you! :-)
Don't forget to go to our chat page and let Rachelle know what you plan to work on during our first Tech Cafe on February 4th!

Fitness Challenge App

Over the past week, we've had a several people testing apps & programs for our Coker Fitness Challenge. We've decided that MATCH UP is the most user-friendly of those we have tried (see picture of app below). If you want to participate, please download the app (ios or android) and create your own profile before Thursday's common planning meetings. You can also go ahead add me as a friend. My username is stonemoma3. This app works with most all devices and has been the most accurate in syncing data from those devices. Mrs. Hensley and I have been using the app over the weekend & she is very competitive! I'm hoping someone else can join and beat her! haha
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Remember - YOU MATTER! You have a contribution to make!

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Are you dreaming of SNOW days? So is the teacher singing below... check it out for a smile!

Snow (Adele's "Hello" version) - Mary Morris