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November 2012

It's hard to believe that the end of the semester is right around the corner. Here's what you need to know to help your student prepare for the end of the semester!

Christmas Festival Weekend Policies

  • We are unable to allow any overnight visitors in the residence halls during Christmas Festival weekend.
  • Due to traffic in Natchitoches, there will be no bus runs on Friday evening or Saturday.
  • Students with driving privileges will only be allowed to drive on Sunday this weekend.
  • Students wishing to stay overnight (but not in the residence halls) in Natchitoches must be signed-out to their own home (local students) or signed-out by their own parent/guardian.
  • The cafeteria will not serve dinner on Saturday night, but a free dinner option will be available at Prudhomme for students who choose to stay on campus that night.

End of Semester Information

Final Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule has been posted to the LSMSA website. Please review and remember to make arrangements for your child's transportation that take this exam schedule into account.

Check Out Information

Students are expected to check-out of the residence halls after completing their last final exam. Students who need to stay until the following day (i.e. because they are riding with another student who has not yet finished finals) must seek permission from their CRL.

All final exams will be completed by 3:30pm and the residence halls will close at 4:00pm on Tuesday, December 18th. All students must check out by that time. Please note: The Economics Club bus does not run for this break, as students do not all leave on the same day.

Prior to checking-out, students must complete an End-of-Semester Check-Out Form. This form requires that students get signatures from various offices indicating that they have turned in textbooks and library books, paid library fines, and have checked out any pre-scription medications they’ll need over the break. (Note: An adult must be present in order to pick-up any controlled medications as the Nurse is not allowed to return those medications directly to students.)

The residence halls will re-open at 3:00pm on Sunday, January 6th.

Please contact Ms. Emily Shumate at 318-357-2526 if you have any questions about the end-of-semester check-out procedures.

Spring Semester Art Fees

Though the school eliminated additional fees for art courses several years ago in an effort to reduce the financial burden facing families, these fees have to be reinstated to maintain the services provided students through these courses. Each of the courses with an associated fee often produces tangible products students get to keep. All of the courses consume supplies and the costs of those supplies are significant. Therefore, all students enrolled in any course with an AR prefix will have to pay $25 per course, per semester up to a maximum of three courses, beginning with the Spring 2013 semester. These fees will also be in effect for next school year (2013-14).

Please remember that the art fees are not subject to fee reductions or waivers.

Payment of fees is due following the add date for each semester. Once the add date passes, students will have until the date to drop a course without a “W” to pay the fee. If the fee is not paid by that date, the student will be dropped from the course. Payments should be sent directly to the Business Office.

Important Dates

December 2012

December 4th and 6th--EOC Testing

December 11th--Holiday Party

December 12th--Dead Day

December 13th through 18th--Final Exams

December 14th--LVS and Dual Enrollment Course Applications Due