Hotel for fireflies

Housing/Other Info

  • Housing includes options from a marsh to a lively forest.
  • Dining places in the area consist of meals varying from pollen and nectar to worms, slugs, and small insects.
  • Daycare times are from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm to keep glowworms entertained.
  • The resort is free of human contact and light pollution making it a safe place to stay.

Firefly INfo


  • Fireflies are mainly carnivorous; larvae feed on worms and snails while adults eat nectar and pollen.
  • LIFE CYCLE = egg, larvae, pupa, adult.
  • They create a chemical reaction causing them to light up and communicate.
  • there are over 2000 species of them.
  • Their dangers are human contact and light pollution.
  • they are actually considered beetles.
  • amphibians are known to eat them.