Rosie the Riveter

See it this weekend!

As Mr. Gabel, Aquin's History Teacher, said in the Veterans Day presentation on Wednesday, not only should we recognize those who fought for our country, we should also honor those families who stayed behind while their family members went off to war.

'Rosie the Riveter' does just that. Come to the Aquin Auditorium this weekend and be pulled into the lives of the women who worked in the factories during World War II while also longing for the safe return of their family members who were fighting the war.

Showtimes are 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday and at 2:00 on Sunday. Tickets are available at the door: $7/adults, $5/students and senior citizens.

You will not be disappointed by the performances of these dedicated students.

See photos of the show here!

Here's a little preview of the show . . .

. . . to find out what happens next, head to the Aquin Auditorium!
aquin presents . . . rosie the riveter