PAUL BUNYAN: The Tall Tale Hero

By Radha P.

About Paul Bunyan

  • Paul Bunyan is a lumberjack in numerous tall tales.
    • He is known for his extreme strength, skills, and height.
    • He has an ox named Babe.
    • The distance between Babe's two horns is 42 axes long!
    • Paul Bunyan was to have lived (in his tales) around the Wisconsin and Minnesota area.

Paul Bunyan and the Log Jam

The story of "Paul Bunyan and the Log Jam" starts out in the Wisconsin River. A large log jam occurs in the middle of the river. An enormous pile of logs were stacked on top of each other for miles into the sky. Paul tried to haul them out, but they wouldn't move! After telling everyone to stand back, he charged with Babe into the log jam. He shot bullets at the log jam, when suddenly a swarm of flies emerged. However, they all went away with the log pieces as Babe swayed his strong tail. Soon the wood of the dam was gone, floating away in the current of the river.

Paul Bunyan shows extreme strength when dealing with the conflict, the log jam. The exaggerated element was him being able to conquer the log jam with his extreme strength. His superpowers that allowed him to completely disseminate the dam was very incredible and remarkable. The strength and bravery of Paul Bunyan was one of his magical non-human like characteristics.

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