Summertime Sharing

By: Nikki Grimes


I think the theme of this poem is that true friends will share anything. This is supported when Danitra's friend, the speaker, gets a popsicle for them to share.
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I chose these colors because the brightness reflects the happiness of summer and friendship.


  • " fast feet" The "f" sound is repeated in this quote. This mimics the sound of the speakers feet shuffling the ground when she runs. This helps the reader visualize the poem.


  • The first two lines of each stanza rhyme. This helps show how sharing with a friend can make them instantly happy. In the first stanza the rhyming words are negative, then at the end they become positive.

Internal Rhyme

  • There is internal rhyme in the fourth sentence of every stanza. It helps the poem flow.

Other Imagery

  • The author uses words like fast and trickles to help you visualize the poem and have a better understanding.

Speakers Attitude

The speaker of the poem is proud and happy to share with her friend. This is shown when she mentions how she knew her friend was glad to be her friend. This also helps the reader know that this is a positive poem.