The Roar By Emma Clayton😉

By Trinity St.Pierre

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The Roar by Emma Clayton is about a young boy, around the age of 12, named Mika. He lives in the future after the Plague (where animals were vicious and no longer able to live with) Mika has a troubling life, his twin sister's dead, even though he knows deep down inside of him she's not, he's an outcast in school, and he just wants a shoulder to cry on whenever he needs one. Either way no one would believe the little boy in distress but Mika knows he's correct in what he says, When weird things began happening in the foggy town of bardford Mika knows something's going on and he will do whatever it takes to figure It out.
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The story takes place in England after the Plague. The plague happened when animals turned vicious and disastrous. Mika and his parents live in a town in the shadows called Bardford North. They have a fold down apartment that is super small with barely enough space for them to live in, and food made entirely out of mold. Basically, Mika lives below the rich people because there is a second floor above the with much nicer houses and real food. You can tell that the story takes place in the future because of the technology and characteristics.


The main major character is Mika. Mika is brave and determined in whatever he does. Even though he lives in a fold down small apartment with little, he doesn't complain to his parents about it and always wants them to be happy. His sister goes missing and even though everyone says she's dead he will not give up on her and do whatever it takes to find her. Mika doing whatever he can to find his sister shows his determination and bravery.