Dirty Japs

Taking war to our homefront!

The war the Japs brought to our country.

    December 7th 1941 the day the dirty Japs decided to bring war to the US. They had a cold heart when they dropped those bombs and ran their planes into our ships. The ruthless Japs didn't even care about the fact that they were killing our American people! Now its time to take action and get back at them, for they are the real enemy!

Pictures of the ruthless Japs

No heart, No soul. Enemy #1.

Call if needed.

See suspicious behavior of Japanese people? Call this number to report it.


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The Japs have done a horrific thing, they bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States is ready to go to war. Its time for all of us to come together and defend our country! Lets show the Japs whos boss!!