Gifting company giving the greatest gift was started when a group of successful women entrepreneurs realized that many people were not able to pursue their dreams of owning a gift basket business. La Bella Baskets is a new online gift basket and flower business that educates, trains and empowers people to start their own online gift basket and flower business from home. People can have the freedom to market their online business in minutes without the hassles and large investments of starting a traditional brick and mortar style of business.

La Bella Baskets works to educate, train, and empower their consultants by providing them with personal mentors and online Internet marketing training. Consultants earn a 20%-30% commission on sales and receive a 20% discount on purchases. La Bella Baskets provides them with their own individual website, which offers shoppers 400 affordable gift options. Consultants do not carry an inventory – the entire business operates online @ an affordable $24.95 per month.


A portion of all proceeds goes to La Bella Baskets’ Baskets of Hope program. Baskets of Smiles delivers a basket of essentials to struggling single moms.

Today, this vision and dream continues to take shape across the United States, and driven to new heights by the energy, passion, and focused determination of La Bella Baskets. If you are ready to start a new career that is fun, profitable and affordable. Visit:


La Bella offers a wide variety of baskets--over 400. You can find gift baskets for: toddlers, teenagers, employees … even men! They offer baskets for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, and they offer get well baskets and sympathy baskets. It seems like there really is something for everyone. Our gift baskets are great as client gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, student of the month prizes, employee of the month prizes, church groups, seniors, veterans, fundraisers, high school graduation and going away presents for college freshmen.


I started a LaBella baskets business to earn extra money on the side. I’m a single mom & a college graduate with two business degrees, including one in management. I work part-time in retail and obviously not earning the kind of income I need. I tried looking for either another part-time job or a full-time job, but no luck with that so far. I always wanted to work from home and always liked gift baskets, chocolate and wine. After researching and reading alot about LaBella baskets online, I discovered that it’s a legitimate home business and decided to try it out. In the past I lost money on other ‘home businesses’, some of which were scams. I’m hoping it will work out for me this time.


LBB Savers Club

20% Off
Gift Baskets, Flowers and Personalized Cookie Bouquets Everyday!

* No Coupons
* No Limits
* No Expiration Dates
* No Hassles
* Instant Access to Over 400 Gifts
* No Contracts
* 20% Off EVERYDAY

*See website for details



For just $24.95/month . Become a gift basket and flower consultant. The monthly fee covers just your website and back office. There are free and paid ways to market this business that is shown on the training site.

With this home business you can

* Set your own hours

* No experienced required!

* One-on-One Coaching

* Get paid on all your orders and repeat customers.

* Start Taking Orders Today

There are several potential ways you can create income and residual income with La Bella Baskets:

#1. You can earn income from your store: Your “store”will be open 24/7 instead of just in your local neighborhood like you would with a brick and mortar business.

#2. You can earn residual income from LBB Savers Club. Help families and corporations with LBB Savers club and receive 30% commission and then residual income every year.

#3. You can earn residual income from Candle of the month. Help candle lovers with LBB candle of the month and receive 30% commission every month.

#4. You can earn residual income when you share this opportunity with others and earn 30% residual income every month.

#5. You can receive bonuses as you move up titles.

If financial freedom is at all important to you, then make creating enough residual income to retire on your number one goal. Once you reach that point, life will become a lot more interesting.

Even if you work the business part-time and earn $100.00, $200.00 or $500.00 a month. It doesn’t seem like a lot.

But it is if it keeps coming month after month…that’s residual income.

*This is not a job and not get-rich-quick. It's a home business, which means like any business there are expenses associated with it*

For more information visit:

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Direct Selling Business

There are a lot of companies that will offer you a commission if you sell their product. Some of these are reputable companies that will support you and enable you to make a living. Some companies might not be so helpful. So, how do you know which company is best for you?

Ask questions.

•What are the start-up costs? Is there a starter kit? If so, what’s in it? What else do you need? Ask your recruiter how much money she had invested in the business before she started to see a profit.

•How much money will you make? Ah, the big question. Be very wary of people who tell you that you will get rich overnight. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

•What percentage is the commission? Will you make 10% of what you sell? Or 30%?

•Is there a quota? Do you need to sell a certain amount of product in order to stay active?

•Will you be responsible for collecting money yourself? This might not seem like a major factor, but it can be. First of all, it’s a lot to keep track of. Second of all, how are your math skills? Third, it’s a responsibility: having the money in your car, in your house, getting it into the right bank account. And what if your customers don’t pay? Will you be stuck with the loss?

•What is the success rate? How many people who start this business do it for a year? How many do it for five years? What is the percentage of consultants who sell this product for their sole source of income?

•Do you need to carry an inventory? Some people will tell you that you can’t sell from any empty basket. This is the 21st century and you can most certainly sell from an empty basket. People do it all the time. If a company tells you that you need to purchase $1000 worth of inventory in order to get started, consider the implications. Do you have the storage space? Will you need to insure it? How will you protect it from the kids, and the dog? Is an inventory really necessary?

•Is training available? What will this training look like? Will it cost you thousands of dollars to go a conference hundreds of miles away? Or is the training free? Will you have a real person available to you? Is training available online? Will you be able to get the help you need?

•Is training mandatory? Are their obligatory weekly or monthly meetings that you need to attend? Do you have to join in on a conference call at a specific time? How will mandatory training fit into your life?

•Does this company have a multi-level marketing plan? Ask the person who is recruiting you, “Do you make money if I sign here?” While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and while lots of money can be made in an MLM company, this is something you should know. It can help you analyze your recruiter’s motives. Does he really want to help you? Or does she just want the $50 recruitment bonus?

•What is the ongoing investment? Do you need to buy your own catalogs? Do you need to buy samples or demonstration items? Will you have a website? If so, who will pay for it? Will you have to buy a product you don't need in order to qualify for commissions? Is what you're selling only available to certain areas or too hard to sell?

•Will you have to pay for shipping? Shipping costs can be outrageous. Who will pay shipping: your customer, your company, or you?

•Will you have to do parties or shows? Is the home business disguised as 'job' when it isn't? A home business is just that--a business like any other that requires an investment.

•Is there a dress code? This sounds silly, but you should ask!

If at all possible, ask these questions of someone who has nothing riding on the answers. The person trying to recruit you into a company may have your best interests at heart. Or they might not. Go online and look for forums that discuss the company that interests you. Do a blog search for the real scoop. Ask someone else who is in the business, but has no investment in you.

La Bella Baskets:

•20% – 35% commission

• Leadership bonuses available

•NO quota

•Company collects money and processes all payments

•NO inventory

•NO multi-level marketing plan

•Consultant pays a fee of $24.95 each month which covers the website and back office

•Customer pays for shipping

•NO parties or shows

•NO dress code

NO collecting payments or driving around town making personal deliveries

FREE marketing materials for download

Free and paid ways to market this business (shown on training site)

The important thing to remember is to not get distracted by glitz and glam. You are probably not starting your own business so that you can win a free trip to Italy. You are probably starting your own business so that you can work your own hours, be your own boss, and earn an income. Keep your real goals and mind when you are evaluating the companies out there. And remember! Ask questions!

For more information about starting a La Bella Baskets home business, visit my website at:

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