Student Council


Aleeta Cowan, Ashley Mattson, Bianca Fant, Brandon Castelluccio, Celia Hawk,

Charles Asplin, Charlie Goodin, Chloe Goodin, Elizabeth Partain, Elizabeth Rankin,

Ella Johnson, Ellie Johnson, Grace Calhoun, Grace Svette, Isabella Call, Julianne Rankin,

Kate Stephenson, Kinga Turoczi, Lillian Murray, Logan Zelch, Louis Sutte, Luke Neimeier,

Madeleine Pulte, Margaret Miller, Phoebe Gleeson, Ryan Hill, Sarah Lynch, Sarah Read,

Shane Collet ,Sven Nielsen, Sydney Nichols, Zachary Muckle, and Zachary Neimeier.


Abby Dippel

Mandy Marlo

When is it?

Student council representatives, meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month. It might be pushed to a different date, if it has to.

Where does Student Council meet?

Student Council meets at the lunch room, and may be moved to the library, next door.

When does Student Council start and end?

Student Council starts right after school, and ends at 4:45 pm.