The Beatiful Vacation Of Los Angels

By B-Money or Hollywood

Having A Ball In Los Angels California

My Vaction in Los Angels was a blast! I went to a Lakers game at the staple center, ate at Ihop in the morining, played golf  Balboa Golf Course, and so much more

Los Angeles Vacation Freezy

Friday, Oct. 12th 2012 at 7pm

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

During my trip to Los Angelos I had so much fun I went to a Los Angelos Lakers game, I visted the Getty Aquaium, and went golfing at   Balboa Golf Course. 

Spectacular Adventure In Los Angels

At 8:30am I ate breakfast at Ihop and Dennys10:00am I saw beatiful fish in the Getty Aquaium12:00am I took a National Tour of the Gabriel Mountain12:45am I went to a baseball game to see the Los Angels Dogders play against the Alanta Carninals
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