The religion of Hinduism!

You are going to expirense and learn all about Hinduism!

This is what you do in class usually.

Can you picture this? You are in class sitting and the teacher sad, "open your books to page 121", and she starts talking about Hinduism and talks very slowly.You began to start getting sleepy, sleepy....You fall asleep and you take an adventure all about Hinduism.

So just what is Hinduism?

Hinduism is an ancient religion that began in India. The sacred writing date as far back in the 1400to 1500 B.C. Hinduism's have like over millions of gods but they have like three mane gods and they are polytheistic. The word Hinduism means a major religion and a cultural of tradition of the south Asia, developed of the Vedic religion.

Like hoe many people still follow the religion of Hinduism?

Did you know that over 828,000,000 people still follow the religion of Hinduism and the difference of Christianity there are 2,039,000,000. There are more that follow in Christianity,That is really shocking!

What do Hinduism people wear?

Women usually wear dresses code and on their forehead they have markings. Women's wear a red dot and men have a religion markings , some women's wear saris and mens wear pants, a long sleeve shirt that goes down to their knees, and a vest.

Time to wake up!

......When you just woke up from your "beauty sleep" .The teacher calls your names many times that you woke up and you got embarrassed in front of your class mates, and here comes the big problem. That the teacher said a question and you were the dimmest but you healed your hand up so high that you already knew the question. All that learning was shore a good to learn all about Hinduism.
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