The Engagement!!

On valentines night my mom came home,she was out on a date with her boyfriend. She came home smiling and laughing happier than usually. Then she gave me the news that she got engaged a few minutes ago! His names Terry, their getting married august 9th 2014. After knowing them for a year they moved in and living with them has been very different for us. It's always been just girls in the house since my dad died. They always leave to toilet sweat up, everyone's always loud for no reason, and some of us fight over silly stuff, for example one time my little brother (4) got really mad because the wii remote didn't have batteries in it then he started punching my other brother(12),he started crying and screaming. It's not easy, it's been a bumpy ride, but I'm adjusting to the new family, and I'm getting through it with a little hope,faith, and my mom and sisters.