At the Copa, Copacabana!!!

with yellow feathers in her hair .....

You're going to go gaga over the fun feisty colors of the new Copacabana collection!!

Pack your bags for sunny Brazil and let the bold brights and tropical designs sweep you away!!

Contact me for personal styling!

Have an event coming up? Do your outfits need that perfect added sparkle, but you just aren't sure what to add or how to do it? Just send me a pic of what you are wearing and I will give you the perfect suggestions! Or better yet! Let me take you out for coffee to really get a feel for what you are looking for! Either way- I've got you covered!!
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June is Hostess Appreciation Month!

One thing I hear from everyone who hosts a Pop Up is how floored they are by the amount of free jewelry the receive! Well this month it is even better! C+I has added a "50% off your entire order purchase" when your Pop Up hits $800 and entry into an exclusive raffle for a Dagne Dover Bag when your Pop Up hits $1000- that is in addition to $50 in free jewelry for each $200 in sales that your Pop Up hits!! WOW!! I only have a few days left to book events since I will be traveling the 23rd thru the 30th (although I could do an on-line event during those days!) So let me know ASAP!!