The Presence of 4 and 8

The 4 Noble Truths

In Buddhism, the four noble truths give buddhist adherents a way to cope with the hardships of the world in both a physical and mental way.

1//4: Notice that there is suffering in the world, identify the presence of suffering.

2//4: Find the cause of suffering, seek out why the world is miserable. In Buddhism, wants and desires are the root of all suffering. To get rid of secular wishes is to rid of suffering.

3//4: Recognized as the end of suffering, this could mean the end of life on earth physically or spiritually. When this happens, the person has reached Nirvana which is spiritual enlightenment.

4//4: The fourth noble truth is the way to access enlightenment and the end of suffering, which is by the Eight Fold Path.

The Eight Fold Path

1//8(Understanding): The correct understanding of the Four Noble Truths.

2//8(Thought): The dedication and drive to pursue/practice the Buddhist religion.

3//8(Speech): Turning away from abusive and untrue speech.

4//8(Conduct): Practicing nonviolence, making sure to be modest and not steal.

5//8(Jobs): Can't kill animals or violate others.

6//8(Attitude): Avoiding negative thoughts, and emotions such as angry.

7//8(Mindfulness): Knowing your mental and physical state and feelings.

8//8(Concentration): Meditation to reach the highest level of enlightenment.

Katy G