8th Grade Physical Education

Periods 3 & 4

Welcome to 8th Grade PE!

Good afternoon! I'm your child's 8th grade physical education teacher and we've got a great third quarter ahead of us!

My goal with this class newsletter is to send it out at the start of each week so you can have an idea of what's going on. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Winter Weather

Winter has finally arrived! During this quarter, we will go outside (as long as it's not below 32 degrees). Students have been told to dress warmly for those days. They are more than welcome to buy a PE sweatshirt and a pair of PE sweatpants from us (see the picture below) or they can wear their own, but their PE uniform must be on underneath. If they would like to buy a cold weather option, the hoodies are $20 and the sweatpants are $15. Regardless of the option they choose, students should be prepared for the weather.
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My classes know that I'm a BIG fan of technology and I will find various pertinent uses for it in our classroom. One of the tools that I use is Edmodo. For the most part, I was able to get everyone signed up to our class group last week when we had the ipad cart. Those who didn't get signed up, I'll speak with individually.

We'll use Edmodo for class polls, assignments, and occasionally written tests as it relates to our current unit. If I assign a test via Edmodo, students will have until the end of the week (Friday) to complete it.

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This Week...

As of now, we will spend this week inside and working on Fitness Testing. Students will be tested in the following areas: Height, Weight, Flexibility (Sit and Reach), Cardiovascular Endurance (Pacer), and Muscular Endurance (Push-Ups & Curl-Ups).

Ms. Jennifer Lee

River Trail Middle School

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